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2023-2024 Real Estate Courses
Real Estate Development | REE 4732 | Fall 2023

CRN: 88177
Instructor: Dr. Ali Hasbini, President and CEO of Sunrise Homes

Gain insights into the real estate development process from Dr. Hasbini, a successful home builder, developer, and former USF accounting faculty member. Develop practical skills and knowledge to excel in the competitive real estate industry.


Real Estate Decision Making | REE 3043 | Fall 2023

CRN: 81274

Instructor: Prof. Greg Smersh, Faculty Advisor to the Real Estate Society at USF

Learn to navigate the complexities of real estate investment and market analy
sis with Prof. Smersh. Build a strong foundation in critical thinking and decision-making processes essential for industry success.


Real Estate Valuation | REE 4103 | Spring 2024

CRN: Pending

Instructor: David Beshears, Cushman & Wakefield

Master property appraisal techniques with David Beshears, a leading expert in real estate valuation. Acquire sought-after skills in evaluating real estate investments to stand out in the job market.

Real Estate Internship | REE 4940 | Fall 2023

CRN: 81197

Instructor: Prof. Arun Tandon

Benefit from hands-on experience in the real estate sector through Prof. Tandon's internship course. Apply your knowledge to real-world situations and make invaluable connections in the industry.

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