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The Real Estate Society at USF seeks to increase awareness of the many career opportunities in commercial real estate that are often overlooked by most students. We provide our members with valuable insights and perspectives to help them find the best career path in commercial real estate. Our goal is to ensure that you have the proper tools to successfully transition from the academic world to industry. The involvement of leading industry professionals has spurred the growth of the Real Estate Society since its inception in 2015, and enabled our members to develop personally and professionally. Students are able to learn about the viability of various careers in the real estate industry while creating meaningful relationships with each other.

Although housed within the Muma College of Business, all USF students are welcome and our members include students from the School of Architecture and Community Design, College of Engineering, and elsewhere.


More than twenty million people in the United States are employed in identifiable real estate fields such as asset managers, real estate analysts, property appraisers, real estate consultants, loan managers, mortgage underwriters, construction managers, mortgage bankers, property managers, leasing agents, and developers. In addition, there are many jobs in corporate real estate that are not included in the real estate sector. The field of real estate offers an enormous number of career options that be can be challenging, ever-changing, and

personally rewarding. As Professor Smersh says, "there are a lot of great career opportunities in commercial real estate, where in general you will have more fun and make more money." The Real Estate Society is a student organization within the Muma College of Business that is open to all students at USF. Join us!

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